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I've always wanted to and I'm a microbio student and loved the idea of organism making food possible for another in a starter.


This starter has a relatively fast lift for sour dough starters. Its on the mild side of sourness unless you raise the dough in the fridge. Otherwise I would say it makes bread more of on the moist side.

Taste & flavour

Saruman top shot
Saruman jar shot
Saruman front shot
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Starting ingredients

Feeding ingredients

I usually use volume measurements because I'm lazy. I will do 1 heaping cup of flour (whichever mixture i decide to use usually depends on what's closest or what I will be baking) to 1/2 cup luke warm water. I may add more or less to make sure its relatively stiff. I would say slightly stiffer then cupcake batter but less then cookie dough.
I then dump the whole mixture into my stand mixers bowls and beat at a high speed until throughly mix.
Finally add it back to the jar. Once a week or so I clean the jar while it is empty.

Working method

I just grow the mother culture to whatever size I need it to be instead of transfering small amounts out to make a leavin. My starter gets feed one of three different foods. 1) 80% bread flour 20% whole wheat 2) 80% whole wheat flour 20% rye 3) 80% white flour 15% whole wheat 5% rye.


1) sourdough sandwhich 2) Potato bread sourdough 3) Hot Dog buns sourdough 4) welsh warebit bread
Saruman  first overview
Saruman  second overview
Saruman  first slice
Saruman  second slice

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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