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Risto Raski

Tampere, Finland
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Risto Raski

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Since 2018

In Finland we do traditional rye bread in a similar way and I wanted to learn to do white breads like this as well. Taste and structure were my main motivators.


This starter provides a lightly acidic loaf with great oven spring. It performs well on enriched doughs and rye based doughs as well. It is mild or strong depending on the feeding schedule and takes well to adjustments, very resilient starter. Bubbly and mousse like when ready to bake with.

Taste & flavour

Risto Raski jar shot


Starting ingredients

  • 50% Water
  • 50% Flour

Feeding ingredients

  • 50% Water
  • 50% All purpose flour
Starter lives in the fridge when not baked with. When using, I take it out the night before and feed it with a large ratio of 1:3:3 or 1:4:4. It is used either the next morning or refed if it is still very acidic. Feeding ratio is always based on the time when I want to use it and and adjusted as such or adjusted to the mildness I need for a recipe.
50% Water 50% All purpose flour

Working method

This starter was made from white wheat ap flour and water with a 50/50 mixture. It was refed daily for four days and then twice a day after that when it got active.
50% Water 50% Flour


Sourdough rough puff pastries

A mildly tangy sourdough spiked rough puff. Made with wheat, butter, salt, flour and starter.
Risto Raski Sourdough rough puff pastries second slice

Spelt&wheat garlic boule

A classic long process sourbread spiced with lots of garlic during last fold.
Risto Raski Spelt&wheat garlic boule first overview

Traditional Finnish rye

Traditional Finnish rye bread with a long fermentation for the starter. Western Finland version.
Risto Raski Traditional Finnish rye  first overview

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