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Miss Sourdough

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Since 2020

The urge to provide good quality bread to my family during the COVID19 pandemic in New York City., coupled with more time on my hands and a grow-your-own temperament.


Miss Sourdough is a tangy hybrid, who is open to improvisation, and almost always finds success in her creative efforts, though she tends to play fast and loose with the rules. Now that the days are getting warmer, she is not as dependent on her electric heating pad, a step her servant is happy enough to eliminate.

Taste & flavour

Miss Sourdough rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 1Cup Whole wheat flour
  • .25Cup New york city tap water
  • .75Cup Apple cider

Feeding ingredients

  • .25Cup Whole wheat flour
  • .25Cup Barley flour
  • .25Cup Nyc tap water
Remove approximately half and store that discard in the fridge for making crackers, cookies, etc...
Add 1/4 C whole wheat flour, 1/4 C barley flour, and 1/4 C room temperature (or slightly warmer) NYC tap water, preferably what's left over in the tea kettle after my daughter made tea however many hours earlier.... Acceptable barley flour substitutes - semolina flour that was a Xmas present from a friend in London who only buys Italian flour, Heckers white flour, and other flours TBD...
.25Cup Whole wheat flour .25Cup Barley flour .25Cup Nyc tap water

Working method

I poked around for starter recipes on the Internet and found one that caught my eye with phrases like "simple ingredients" , "no special equipment" and "read in 5-7 days" The recipe called for 1 C of filtered water and 1/2 C of whole wheat flour.
1Cup Whole wheat flour .25Cup New york city tap water .75Cup Apple cider
Lacking filtered water and doing my best to shelter in place in East Harlem 3 weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theater in NYC, I decided that tap water would have to do (but I got it from the spigot in the fridge, which runs through a filter. Never mind that the "replace filter" light had just come on...
Remembering that I had had some luck with a starter recipe that called for pineapple juice in the previous decade, I poked around for a can of pineapple, or even frozen pineapple chunks that I could juice. No dice. But we did have apple cider, so after a bit of inconclusive internet research, I took a chance and swapped in 1/4 cup of apple cider for 1/4 cup of water.
At this point, things were looking mighty dry. My gut told me more liquid was in order, so I went rogue and added another 1/2 c of room temperature apple cider. (When I dutifully reported this in the comments section of the blog where I found the recipe, I got shut down by the blog owner who told me that was way too much. This only strengthened my resolve that my starter would survive and thrive!
It's been a very cold (and obviously weird) spring in New York City, with temperatures in the high 40s and low 50s Farenheit. My starter wasn't rising very high. Determined that my tap water-apple cider-infused monster baby would live to provide my family with delicious bread and also prove that blog lady wrong, I took to wrapping it in an electric heating pad overnight.
I think that heating pad was the true secret ingredient. Viva Miss Sourdough, one of the hundreds if not 1000s of New York City starters resulting from the COVID-19 sourdough-baby boom.



Baked on a stone.
Miss Sourdough Bread second overview

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made with discard. The 19-year-old says they taste like soap. He's wrong!
Miss Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies first overview


These use up the discard and require no rising time. Far better than the ones my husband was dragging home in a box...
Miss Sourdough Crackers first overview

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