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Since 1976

My dad gave me sourdough when I moved away to Death Valley. I used it to make pancakes. But I missed the San Francisco sourdough bread I grew up with. So, I learned how to bake it myself, so far away from my home. Eventually, I perfected it. Not unlike the history of gold miners and prospectors to the area, making something good and tasty from whatever was on hand, thanks to my sourdough Mother.


This is a big question! My sourdough has been in my hands since 1979. I use it to make pancakes, Belgian waffles, and of course bread. For pancakes or waffles, I add coarsely ground walnuts or pecans, and blueberries. On the table, butter and maple syrup. Everyone loves this! For bread, I keep it simple, just loaves of baguettes in the French bread style of thick chewy crust.

Taste & flavour

Espoir front shot
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Starting ingredients

Feeding ingredients

I like to stress my sourdough a little by allowing it to rest in the fridge for a week or longer, where it continues to consume available flour carbohydrates. Empty 1/2 of sourdough container, and replenish with fresh unbleached white flour. Mother is always kept fresh this way. Good fresh Mother is sometimes given away to friends for them to enjoy the goodness of sourdough baking.

Working method

King Arthur unbleached flour, or local artisan flour. Flour can be white, whole wheat, rye, or usually some combination of all three. Add sourdough starter and bread yeast mixture, and warm water. Mix for 15 minutes to develop gluten. Then, onto bread board, kneading by hand, resting, punching down three times for yeast to consume carbohydrates. On fourth punch down, into the baguette pan.
In the baguette pan, score the loaves and brush with cornstarch/water mix. Let rise until dough is just the right size. Into the 450F / 230C oven for 10 minutes, then out for another cornstarch/water brushing, then back in for 30 minutes until golden brown.
Turn baked loaves out onto damp wood cutting board near open window for cooling down. There is the short version of my recipe!


Tens of thousands of pancakes, waffles, and loaves of bread over 40+ years of baking. Also, pizza crusts and biscuits.

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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