How to give a bath to your sourdough

What’s all this about? Giving your sourdough a bath? In this video, you’ll discover not only how to bathe your sourdough but also why. Give your sourdough a little wash from time to time, and keep her (or him) ready and raring to go with just the right levels of acidic acids.


I did this today with my 'NDG' sourdough, exactly as you said. Then used of a levin, very bubbly and good smell. Bedankt voor de raad (Belg in Canada)

Dag Karl,
Any suggestion for good ph meter for sourdough?
Tried couple of cheap once but seems like I dont know how to use it or they are not showing right numbers...:) one you use in video from foodcare does have to be calibrated each time? Seems like good one .