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Klondike SourDough

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Health reasons and lack of access to yeast


It has a very sticky consistency and reminds me of a Pancake mix, lots of holes and bubbles. I have yet to see it get very wet and separate but if left un fed in the fridge or on counter it will be very strong of alcohol, but never separates

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I take half of my sourdough out and feed the two with basic white flour and and tap water. When the bubbles are big (usually 24 hours) after sitting on my counter I use the cast off to cook with and leave my starter mother on the counter. I eye ball my ingredients but make a thick paste for my starter. I never use metal, only a glass bowl, and plastic spatula. I cover with plastic Saran.

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I obtained this sourdough from a family member, I eyeball measuring by texture, consistency and know how much to add. I only use basic white flour and tap water. The family member I obtained this starte from uses precise measurements, but I had a starter many many years ago and know how to work it and keep it going.
I change my breads with the type of flour I add to the starter base. I also use a bread machine to mix my starter and proof it, then form my dough after 2 hours and proof again before baking


Klondike Yukon Starter

I have made bagels, breads, sweet breads (Amish friendship cake), honey rollS, pizza dough, waffles
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I love baking with sourdough starter! So many things to make!