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2018 'dan beri

It just seemed fascinating how the regular flour can turn into a beautiful sourdough. Note that when I baked my first sourdough I didn't know how its supposed taste, never had a sourdough in my life. It was until a couple of months ago that I tried a bakery version of sourdough and it was yum. Since then I have tried to play more with my flours. This starter started off doughy and its liquid now.


It is a liquid sourdough that generally ferments within 5-6 hours after feeding it.

Lezzet ve Tat


Başlangıç malzemeleri

  • 50% Rye flour
  • 50% Filtered water
  • 33.33% Starter
  • 33.33% Rye flour
  • 33.33% Filtered water

Besleme malzemeleri

Just mixed with same weight of all purpose flour with same weight of filtered water

Çalışma yöntemi

Mix in 50-50 rye flour and filtered water. Let it sit for couple of day until you start seeing bubbles
50% Rye flour 50% Filtered water
Remember, that sourdough is very forgiving. So dont be afraid to try out the potions that you might like.I mostly discard half of it (or use it in a recipe when mature starter), in the remaining half mix in same weight of flour and water. It is a good practice to use rye flour when you are making it for the first time. It gives you faster fermentation because of whole grains.
33.33% Starter 33.33% Rye flour 33.33% Filtered water
Feed in this way for a week in warmer part of your kitchen or home. You want to see it rise twice as much withing 5-10 hours and then starting to fall forming a concave stretch (downward), this is called peak activity of the starter. Once your starter has become more predictable, you can start using in any recipe that calls for sourdough starter, look forliquid starter.
I feed my starter weekly, kept in the colder part of the fridge. Generally, adjust your amount so that you use more than half the starter (~67%) in a recipe (e.g. over weekend) and feed the rest of the starter with equal weights of flour and water, at this point if you are baking bread with specific flour and you want to maintain consistency then feed your starter with same flour. Happy baking!!


Traditional loaf

Made with mostly 50-50 All pupose and bread flour. Crumb on a denser side, incredibly tasty, sometimes seeded.
Aspen Traditional loaf second overview
Aspen Traditional loaf first slice

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