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С 2016

Ive been considering baking for a while since I built my earth oven. I first tried a yeast recipe from facebook six months ago.Then I stumbled across the Perfect Sourdough facebook page and I became intrigued. I learned to bake sourdough while I recouperated from a hip replacement. Getting up hourly to S&F is good physical therapy! Creating lovely loaves with my hands is empowering!


Can a starter be overactive? She is happy and bubbly!

Вкус и аромат

Maya top shot
Maya jar shot
Maya front shot
Maya rising shot


Ингредиенты для стартера

  • 100g All purpose
  • 100g Water
  • .5lbs Red grapes
  • 50g Ap flour
  • 50g Water

Ингредиенты для обновления

  • 50g Ap flour
  • 50g Water
I keep Maya in the fridge. I take out about half and use this to build my levain for a particular recipe. Then I add equal amounts of flour and water to the original starter and put her back in the fridge.
50g Ap flour 50g Water

Метод работы

Add 100g water and 100 g unbleached all purpose flour to an oversized jar. You need a large jar to accommodate expansion.
100g All purpose 100g Water
Place 1/2 pound grapes onto a a square of cheesecloth, pull the edges together and tie into a little bundle. Squeeze the bundle enough just to crush a few grapes lightly and put this into the jar with the flour and water mixture. Cover with a lid and leave on counter overnight.
.5lbs Red grapes
Leave this mixture alone for several days you will see it change color and the grapes will rise to the top and sink again. Its scent will change from none to stinky to alcoholic..
When the mixture has the scent of alcohol and a thin clear liquid has formed at the top, remove the bag of grapes, squeezing the grapes to release trapped juices. It is now ready for the first feeding.
Pour out half of the mixture (about 100g). Add equal amounts of flour and water by weight (50g). Stir to combine and let rest at room temperature. If the starter is active, it should expand to twice its size within 8 hours. If this does not occur, keep repeating the discard and feeding cycle daily until it it expands. After that you can store it in the fridge and feed weekly.
50g Ap flour 50g Water



pain de campagne, Whole wheat , white
Maya Breads! first overview
Maya Breads! second overview
Maya Breads! first slice
Maya Breads! second slice


Chocolate sourdough cake
Maya Cake first overview
Maya Cake second overview

Banana bread

Recipe from food.com
Maya Banana bread first overview


Maya Pizza second slice

cinnamon raisin bread

Recipe from King Arthur Flour converted to sourdough
Maya cinnamon raisin bread first overview

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I am so very happy to have learned sourdough baking. I feel like a proud parent each time I remove a successful loaf from my oven"