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dal 2012

Buying a bread baking machine and not liking the result! When we were little, we went on vacation to Spain and the bread there was amazing. When I rented a place for myself, I decided to chase that taste, even earning a bread baker's degree.


It is quite vigorous and lively. But due to the rye, the high percentage of water, and the fridge as a place to stay during weekdays, it tends to get very acidic. I refresh the SD a few times on a shorter timespan if needed. It's also versatile: a dark rye bread a light wheat bread with a fruity flavour, both are possible.

Sapore e aroma

Stinkie top shot
Stinkie jar shot
Stinkie front shot
Stinkie rising shot


Ingredienti di partenza

  • 50% Finely milled rye flour
  • 50% Water

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

  • 50g Rye flour
  • 50g Water
When not in the fridge, I feed it the day before I start baking. For example, friday morning, throw everything away except one teaspoon, feed it. friday night, make preferment. Goes back into the fridge after a second feeding.
50g Rye flour 50g Water

Metodo di lavorazione

I owned several sourdoughs, but the first one I got was this one: a wet rye based that is very purgent, very active, and very smelly. Awesome! It never fails me, but it does get hungry quite a lot when kept in the fridge. I like to feed it with T65 wheat flour once in a while, but it's mainly a rye meal SD.
50% Finely milled rye flour 50% Water



Peasant wheat loaves, dark rye bread, miches, ... I bake it all.
Stinkie anything! first overview
Stinkie anything! second overview
Stinkie anything! first slice
Stinkie anything! second slice

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