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dal 2020

My continue pursue for research, experimentation and love for smells, tastes and cooking. I'm also super passionate about perfumery, and trying to experience everything smell related with sourdough it's a continue quest for something I don't know yet.


I usually make sourdough bread with very particular features, like weird mix of fruits, seeds, nuts and flours, in order to achieve a unique blend of aromas and savors. Thanks to my starter sweetness, I usually get a very lovely ovenspring with low level of sourness, unless I wanna make some rye o whole wheat bread: in that case a let the acetic part let the job done an wait more than usual to use

Sapore e aroma

Frankie top shot
Frankie jar shot
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Ingredienti di partenza

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

  • 50% Starter
  • 100% Water
  • 100% Flour
1. Stir the sourdough in the jar, then pour 50g of it in another clean jar. Every jar is hand washed with no soap. 2. Add 100g of bottled water and 100g of flour (I use a particular mix of a strong white flour and a Type 1 flour), stir and mix til it's smooth. 3. Cover with a glass lid and let it grow.
50% Starter 100% Water 100% Flour

Metodo di lavorazione

I generally feed my starter everyday, except when I bake (which is usually 2-3 times week, I bake my own bread, it would be stupid to buy some industrial bread), in that case even twice per day. It's a liquid one, not stiff.


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