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Since 2014

After going to a macro biotic conference at the Kushi Institute.They had delicious whole grain sourdough bread from a local bakery that was wonderful.


Delicate and mild to robust fruity taste, depending on the recipe.

Taste & flavour

Sandy jar shot


Starting ingredients

  • 50% Sprouted rye
  • 50% Water

Feeding ingredients

  • 2tbsp Sprouted rye
  • 2tbsp Water
When not baking on weekends, I feed 2 tbsp each flour and warm filtered water, leave out a few hours and return to fridge. On baking weekends I get out the starter 2 days in advance and feed 3 times every 12 hours.
2tbsp Sprouted rye 2tbsp Water

Working method

I mostly maintain my starter with sprouted rye flour at 100% hydration. I add sprouted barley and wheat flours on occasion for some recipes.
50% Sprouted rye 50% Water


Dixie Rye

Dixie Rye, with sprouted rye flour and cornmeal.
Sandy Dixie Rye  first overview

Lithuanian potato rye

Sandy Lithuanian potato rye second overview

Finnish Hapanleipa

Hundred percent rye, using sprouted whole rye flour and locally milled cracked rye. .
Sandy Finnish Hapanleipa second overview

Mountain Oat Rye

A southern Polish recipe: moist and tender, with scalded oats, dry oats and sprouted rye flour
Sandy Mountain Oat Rye second overview

Cumin Rye

Polish recipe, sprouted rye fragrant with cumin
Sandy Cumin Rye second overview

Berlin Malt Rye

A mild sourdough with sprouted rye, einkorn wheat and malted barley.
Sandy Berlin Malt Rye second overview

Franconia Crusty Boule

German sourdough rye with both a rye and wheat starter, and several stages.
Sandy Franconia Crusty Boule first overview

Hearty Seeded Rye

German recipe with coarse rye meal, flax and sunflower seeds.
Sandy Hearty Seeded Rye first slice

Pumpkinseed Rye

German recipe with flax and pumpkinseeds, scented with black rye malt
Sandy Pumpkinseed Rye second overview


Traditional French rye and wheat country boule.
Sandy Miche first overview

Whole wheat sourdough English muffins

With sprouted whole wheat and einkorn all purpose flours
Sandy Whole wheat sourdough English muffins first slice

Rye sandwich buns

Modified a recipe for Munich Penny Rolls to make sandwich buns. Now I officially no longer need to buy bread.
Sandy Rye sandwich buns first slice

Basic 100% whole rye sourdough

I first learned to make starter and whole rye sourdough from Sandor Katz’s book, “Wild Fermentation”.
Sandy Basic 100% whole rye sourdough second overview

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