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Since 2011

Working with a woodfired brick oven with access to fresh flour to mill myself, during my first summer job in culinary school. I will admit the oven caught my eye first, but when the bread started coming out edible, I knew I was hooked for life. Sourdough bread has been my full time job since 2009.


Uniquely forgiving of a negligent feeding schedule during off days/weeks. Strong leavening, balanced flavor without being overly tangy or funky.

Taste & flavour

Mom top shot
Mom jar shot


Starting ingredients

  • 78% Water
  • 100% Flour

Feeding ingredients

  • 78% Water
  • 100% Flour
Use scaled culture for the day's bake. Dissolve the remaining culture in water per the next bake schedule at a hydration ratio of 78%
78% Water
Add high protein (>13%) flour to a 78% hydration. Mix to combine thoroughly.
100% Flour

Working method

Anywhere from room temp to ~120°F depending on the starting temp of the culture and the desired use schedule.
78% Water
High protein flour, >13%
100% Flour


Miche batard

75% whole wheat, high % sourdough. Great balanced flavor of wheat and sourdough.
Mom Miche batard first overview
Mom Miche batard second overview
Mom Miche batard first slice
Mom Miche batard second slice

Levain baguette

10% whole wheat added for better balance and complexity
Mom Levain baguette first overview
Mom Levain baguette second overview
Mom Levain baguette first slice
Mom Levain baguette second slice


100% natural leaven, 85% hydration
Mom Focaccia first overview
Mom Focaccia second overview
Mom Focaccia first slice
Mom Focaccia second slice

Cherokee Strong

50% whole wheat, 25% rye, spent grains from a local microbrewery. A rotating grain bill keeps the bread ever-changing.
Mom Cherokee Strong first overview
Mom Cherokee Strong second overview


We run a small menu of Neo-politan pizzas,, focusing on simple ingredients, locally sourced when possible.
Mom Pizzas! first overview
Mom Pizzas! second overview
Mom Pizzas! first slice
Mom Pizzas! second slice

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