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Since 2015

I was baking bread already for long time and tried to bake with sourdough back in 2007 but at that time I was making bread that was too sour for most of people. Inspired by a pizza sourdough I created my first starter and since then I am in quest for a bread that has only a tiny sour taste.


It has quite mild flavor since fed only with white wheat flour. The bread produced has typical sourdough slightly tangy taste, so people like because they can taste sourness only as aftertaste. When used as young after few hours of last feeding it produces quite uniform crumb porosity without big holes. When used after 8-10 hours after feeding but before peeking it produces more open crumb.

Taste & flavour


Starting ingredients

  • 25% Wholemeal Wheat Flour
  • 25% White flour type 500
  • 50% Water

Feeding ingredients

  • 50% White flour type 500
  • 50% Water
I leave my starter on room temperature most of the time as I am baking almost every day. Occasionally when traveling around the starter is stored in refrigerator and at that time I use lower hydration of 70%.
50% White flour type 500 50% Water

Working method

in 2015 I mixed 30 grams of 50% wholegrain wheat flour and 50% white wheat flour type 500 and 30 grams of water on day one. Removed 50% of the mixture after 24 hours and added 30 grams of flour mixture and 30 grams of water. This was repeated until day 7, since then the starter is fed every 12 hours. In last 4 months it is fed only by white wheat flour type 500.
25% Wholemeal Wheat Flour 25% White flour type 500 50% Water



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This starter was used to bake bread for local and state level bread assessment in Slovenia and so far got 10 gold awards, was absolute winner once and on absolute second place twice.

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