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Cana-de-açúcar 1

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Cana-de-açúcar 1

Since 2017

I love everything related to fermentation and was sick from all the bland bread every bakery makes in Brazil. I started baking sourdough in 2013


I'm still testing flavors

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Starting ingredients

  • 66% Sugarcane juice
  • 100% Whole wheat flour
  • 50% Starter
  • 60% Water
  • 100% Whole wheat flour

Feeding ingredients

  • 100% Flour
  • 50% Water
  • 50% Levain
While it's great to feed it every day, it will remain good to bake even after 2 days of feeding, if kept in the fridge. I always feed it prior to baking though. My levain once stayed one month in the fridge and came out alright on the first feeding I did.
I feed it small quantities at a time, So I don't have to throw away too much of the sourdough. I take 50 grams of the levain each time and keep on raising it until I have the quantity I'll need to bake and a good quantity to store it later, since I bake only once or twice a month. Dilute the starter in water and add the 2 flours to it, mix well and work it stretching with a rolling pin and fold
100% Flour 50% Water 50% Levain
The flour is always a mix of 33% Manitoba and 66% All purpose. You can use also 100% bread flour instead. I keep it in cloth while feeding prior to baking, and in a closed jar in the fridge when storing for a larger time.

Working method

This sourdough was made straight from sugarcane juice, extracted on a Sunday morning in a local street fair. So I start with the sugarcane juice that has a lot of sugar and good bacteria on it.
66% Sugarcane juice
Then I mix it to organic stoneground whole wheat flour (100)
100% Whole wheat flour
After well mixed, it should feel like a sticky but yet firm dough, leave it leavening in 30C for 8 hours and room temp for 16 hours. When it's 24 hours from the first mix, just take a part of the starter and mix it to water and more whole wheat flour.
50% Starter 60% Water 100% Whole wheat flour
Again, after well mixed, ferment in 30C for 8 hours and the rest of the time in room temp until completed 24 hours. Repeat the process until the fermentation is very strong. It can vary. Once I had it kicking on the first fermentation, while other try i did, it took me 4 days. after there are good signs of fermentation, it's possible to start feeding it every 12 hours.
Now you should migrate the kind of flour to the final sourdough starter. start doing feeds every 12 hours trading gradually the whole wheat flour for a mix of 33% Manitoba and 66% all-purpose. You can use 100% bread flour if you don't have Manitoba. Go feeding it first with 75% whole wheat and 25% the abovementioned mix, then next time 50/50, then 75/25 and then you're done,




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