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Since 2013

The first time I baked with sourdough was in 1994. I used a starter from San Francisco at work. Since then I used many different sourdoughs from different places and in different places. I never had the discipline to make one at home. In 2013 I decided it was time to have my own at home.


Barbara is perfect to me. She has a great personality. A creamy yellow colour. A semi light acetic flavour with cereal notes. The cereal flavour of durum flour is very present. Once baked you cannot resist her!

Taste & flavour

Barbara top shot
Barbara jar shot
Barbara front shot
Barbara rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 50g Starter
  • 300g Flour
  • 140g Water

Feeding ingredients

  • 300g Durum wheat flour
  • 50g Barbara
  • 140g Water
  • 300g Durum wheat flour
  • 50g Barbara
  • 140g Water
  • 300g Durum wheat flour
  • 140g Water
  • 50g Barbara
Before I start to bake in the week-end I refresh Barbara 3 times to have her full activity.Following the recipe below.
300g Durum wheat flour 50g Barbara 140g Water
I shape her round, leave her in a floured bowl and make a cross on the surface to check how much see is growing
300g Durum wheat flour 50g Barbara 140g Water
This refresh is the last one before baking. After this refresh prepare my final dough with 20% of this motherdough. i leave the motherdough between 4 - 6 hours before use.
300g Durum wheat flour 140g Water 50g Barbara

Working method

I brought back a piece of sourdough from Altamura in the south of Italy to start Barbara. Once home I started feeding it
50g Starter 300g Flour 140g Water



Mostly tin bread. We do love sliced bread in the family. But sometimes focaccia is on the request list as well.
Barbara Barbabread first overview
Barbara Barbabread second overview
Barbara Barbabread first slice
Barbara Barbabread second slice

Whole wheat breads

These breads are made with freshly milled wholewheat.
Barbara Whole wheat breads first overview
Barbara Whole wheat breads second overview
Barbara Whole wheat breads first slice
Barbara Whole wheat breads second slice

Kamut breads

These breads contain about 50% fresh milled Kamut grains.
Barbara Kamut breads first overview
Barbara Kamut breads second overview
Barbara Kamut breads first slice
Barbara Kamut breads second slice

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Karl, I use "motherdough" quite frequently. It's 40% hydration and ages for 1-2 months in the refrigerator before using. The flavor it adds is incredible! I have a couple questions: 1. What is it that gives the flavor? 2. What are the benefits you experience over using a liquid starter? 3. What is the purpose of wrapping it in cloth and tying it up? Thanks!

Dear Dean,
Thanks for these questions.
1) The flavour is coming from the flour, the fermentation. That's the production of lactic acid and acetic acid by the lactic acid bacteria in combination with the production of alcohol and esters by the yeast(s).
2) The big difference between a stiff and a liquid started is the production of acids in both. In a liquid starter the development of acids goes faster. In a stiff sourdough slower but there is more acetic acid produced then in a liquid one, so it can be a bit more pungent.
3) The wrapping helps to maintain the C02 inside the dough and create a kind of preserving atmosphere.