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Audrey III

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Depuis 2010

Trained chef who started baking about 15 years ago. Had other starters in the past but created this one in my specific area in 2010, when I started in on restoration of the building which is now my restaurant.


She's super healthy and predictable. The challenge with my space is that I do not have a climate controlled kitchen so I am very much a5 the whims of mother nature. I watch the weather and take note on how the starter responds based on temp and humidity and make alterations accordingly. She has a slight tang, not too acidic and allows the taste of wheat to come through.

Goût et saveur

Audrey III top shot
Audrey III rising shot


Ingrédients de base

  • 100% Flour
  • 100% Water

Ingrédients pour nourrir le levain

I feed once a day as I make the next days pizza dough the day before hand. I feed early in the morning so that she's properly activated before mixing that afternoon. With my previous day's remnant I add equal parts flour and water to keep at 1:1. It works for me and makes my math easy when it comes to scaling my formula. Once mixed it's transferred to a new clean tub for fermentation

Méthode de travail

Cairnspring Mills T65 Cairnspring Mills 1109
100% Flour
Tepid water. Our water is glacier fed out here and is clean and untreated. So fortunate to have it at my disposal.
100% Water



I make a naturally leavened Neapolitan style pizza.
Audrey III Pizza first overview
Audrey III Pizza second overview
Audrey III Pizza first slice
Audrey III Pizza second slice

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