The Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library

A unique place in the bakery world hosting 107 sourdoughs from 20 countries, and many more to come...

A sourdough heritage library, its an exciting idea which became reality.

sourdough library

The Puratos Sourdough Library is unique. It's a vault where sourdoughs from all over the world are stored, and kept safe. The aim, quite simply, is to record and preserve the sourdough history of the world in one place.
We want to understand what makes each one so special, so when they arrive they are analysed to see what lactic acid bacteria and yeasts make them different. This information is then stored for the future, it's part of our contribution to the world's collective knowledge of sourdough breads.

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By registering your sourdough on this website it might end up one day in one of the fridges of the real Library. Are you willing to become part of the quest for sourdough? Click here to preserve your sourdough